MLB Litter - Week 3

Hi All,

The pups are growing like weeds! I can't believe I'm talking about week 3 already! Developmentally, the pups can bear weight on their hind legs allowing them to go into a sitting position. Their balance is still not great so you may notice them leaning on another litter mate :-) They can regulate their own body temperature well now, and that is why you will often see them scattered out sleeping or simply lying next to each other as opposed to the pile we used to see!

We will be moving the Fab Fourteen down to the Doodle Den this week and we will start putting toys in the kennel and introducing soft sounds and hopefully Mom won't mind too much. We will continue to change out the toys with different textures, sizes, shapes and even scents. This also begins the window for socialization with other species which will continue through week 12.

Next week I will be expecting the pup's incisors to erupt and therefore it will be time to begin the weaning process. That is an exciting time for the pups and Mom! In the Doodle Den the pups will get to meet all our other dogs. They love the interaction and it is good for them to have the exposure. They will also have a slide, a tunnel and an Avidog Adventure box among other toys, and a much larger area to explore.

Watch for new photos to come out tomorrow and every week now that their eyes are open!

Have a great week all. Time is flying by!!!


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