Free Australian Labradoodle! - Just Join Our Guardian Home Program

Big Rock Labradoodles is currently seeking immediate Guardian Families for these adorable girls!

Not all of our dogs live with us, but that's okay! They have wonderful, loving family's of their own. These families are called a Guardian Homes. It is incredibly important to us that our ladies and gents are well cared for and experience life the way life should be experienced: lots of human attention, daily walks, car rides, training, etc. Happy dogs make happy puppies! Our Breeding Dogs are placed with their forever families as pups, and therefore, never have to experience being placed after a breeder retires them. This is a much fairer option for breeding dogs.

How the program works

A Guardian Home receives a breeding quality dog as their forever family pet, as a puppy. These pups have been assessed for temperament and structure and have certain health testing in place prior to adoption. The Guardian Home adopts their puppy and continues on with our socialization and training schedule. The Guardian Home agrees to care for a breeding dog and some of the inconveniences that go with it. Females will have to come and stay with us for approximately 6.5 weeks when she has puppies. When puppies are weaned, momma goes back home. Males must be accessible when the time comes for us to use him in our breeding program and we breed for 3 consecutive days, but the male does not stay here. Most of the time, owners of males will be notified 10 days prior to us using him. This should give enough time for planning, etc. Breeding will be done at Breeder's home. Guardian Families must live within a 1-hour's drive of Okotoks.

The payoff to the guardian?

You receive a top quality dog that has undergone training and health testing for no charge. You have extra insight into the health of your dog. You are not alone in the journey...we are always here to assist you. We do compensate our Guardian Families for their involvement in our program.

There are certain requirements for Guardian Families. You can read them here:

Become a Guardian Family

Speak to you soon!

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