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We have just made this boy available. Jabberwok is from our Alice in Wonderland litter. We were holding him as a potential breeder, but his one testicle did not descend, so, regretfully, we are now offering him as a pet. Jabber is an awesome little boy. He has a fantastic temperament, loves everyone, he's cute as the dickens with thick, soft, waves on waves. He's a delight and he's ready to join a forever family now.

Click here to apply. This is our last opportunity to take home one of our gorgeous

Wonderderful Woofies before Christmas. If you are interested in Jabber, do not delay...he will be scooped up very quickly!

If you miss out on Jabber, don't fret! We have availability in our Cowboys litter in Okotoks, as well as our Fishy Fishy litter in Beaumont, but they do go home in January and February respectively.

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