Adult Male Australian Labradoodle Available Now

UPDATE: Walter has found his new family. Thank you to everyone who took the time to apply. The response was overwhelming.

We get asked often whether we have any older Doodles available for adoption. Our answer is always no, because our breeding dogs retire to the families that they have always known and loved.

Once in a while though, we do get one of our Doodles returned to us. This is one of those rare times.

Meet Walter White. Walter was originally Professor Xavier from our X-Men litter (Mabry x Stirling). Walter is just shy of 11 months of age and he is available for adoption. Walter is a Standard, dark chocolate boy (23.5" at shoulder).

Walter was returned due to a change in family/personal circumstance. He is a calm, sweet, loving boy. He has been well taken care of, trained and cherished. Walter had a vasectomy as a pup, so he is hormonally intact, but unable to reproduce.

If you would like to welcome Walter into your family, Apply Today

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