Too Much Monkey Business

Our Monkeys are coming up on 6 weeks of age already! These cuties are becoming little dogs now and they are so much fun!

At this stage, they guys can see and hear well, run fast, bite hard and bark loudly. They start chewing on everything and can get in quite a bit of trouble. They recognize people they know and can learn commands. Within the litter, pack relationships develop this week with dominant pups vying for valuable objects, food and resting places and submissive pups will be trying to stay out of their way! Real scraps will break out between puppies. The pups may become very hard mouthed this week, nipping, biting and chewing on everything, including my toes!!, their mom and each other. In their play with each other, they will begin to teach each other bite inhibition. Their dam and other adult dogs should help with this lesson and begin teaching them other important lessons in manners. We also play a role in helping learn to use their mouths gently. Pups will sleep much less this week and will get easily bored. We must keep them stimulated and tire them out. We will rotate toys, equipment and activities so they are regularly facing novel situations and learning new things. Puppies begin to develop their own personalities at this age. What we start notice at this point in their development will help us begin to assess who they are as individuals. They will change so much over the next few weeks, so we try to simply observe who they are and not make decisions on each puppy at this age. They are only beginning to show us who they will be so we enjoy the process, but we don’t allocate based on what we see this week.

We still have 5 openings in this litter. These pups will be small, stocky standards. They will be lavender, parchment or cafe au lait (even though they are chocolate now) and the two blacks will go silver. This is such a great time of year for welcoming a new puppy into the family. Apply here today!

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