Big Rock Labradoodles has puppies available in our current litters! This is the perfect time of year to add to your family by four precious feet! In time for summer holidays!

Why get your new puppy from Big Rock Labradoodles? Check out our Big Rock Advantage!

The Big Rock Advantage

At Big Rock Labradoodles, a natural rearing and holistic dog breeder, the average is not good enough! We subscribe to better breeding practices and the use of atypical puppy rearing strategies that will very likely allow our puppies to live longer, healthier and happier lives than others of their breed.

  • We do not line breed or inbreed for any reason

  • Our breeding dogs are under a very minimal vaccine protocol or homeopathic nosode protocol only

  • Our breeding dogs are titered for immunity, rather than blindly giving boosters for vaccines

  • Our breeding dogs and puppies are fed a balanced raw diet of lean meats, organ meats and bone and also natural and whole food supplements

  • Our breeding dogs are never given toxic chemical flea & tick medications (known carcinogens)

  • We do not x-ray our expectant mothers, therefore we are not exposing our unborn puppies to unnecessary radiation

  • We do not subject our puppies to a gonadectomy thereby preserving their sex hormones to ensure proper development, both mentally and physically while dramatically reducing various cancer risks inherent with early spay/neuter

  • We continually upgrade our training and knowledge base by researching and attending a variety of reproduction and puppy rearing conferences throughout North America in order to provide the best care to our dogs and pups and provide the best information possible to our puppy families.

  • We provide our puppy families with a plethora of information on raising their Wonderful Woofie the natural way so that you can be sure that your new family member is going to live their best possible life, for as long as possible!

alanathebreeder@gmail.com | Okotoks, Alberta

Excited to learn more? Please visit our website today! www.bigrocklabradoodles.com

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Big Rock Labradoodles

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Alana is a natural rearing, etchical and devoted dog breeder, total petpreneur and animal advocate dedicated to helping pet families and their Wonderful Woofies live their best ever lives together. 


Big Rock Labradoodles is a registered, fully accredited and voluntary 3rd party inspected, trustworthy & experienced professional breeder who is here to help you grow your family by four feet.  Choose Big Rock!

Located in High River, AB

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Located in High River, Alberta CANADA

The information contained in this website is subject to change at any time, as we continue to learn, research and grow in the development of the healthiest possible puppies for our families at Big Rock Labradoodles and information on website is not a contractual agreement between Big Rock Labradoodles and current/new clients.