Beautiful Australian Labradoodle Pups Available Now (10-15 weeks old)

Big Rock Labradoodles in High River, AB currently has some wonderful options for anyone looking to grow their family by four feet! Our puppies are raised in our home using only the best methods for socialization and stimulation. All our puppies make wonderful first time and family pets, coming from health-tested parents with therapy temperaments.

The Cowgirls!

From our parents Big Rock's Harper Lee and Big Rock's Nabob, we have 3, 15-week-old Chocolate, Fleece standard girls (60 lbs at maturity) available now. These girls are so sweet, loving, calm, smart and eager to please. These girls are so excited to meet you!

The Vikings!

From our parents Big Rock's Roxy and Big Rock's Sherman, we also have 6, 10-week-old, Fleece large-medium to small standards (40-60 lbs at maturity) available in this litter of mixed colours and partis. There are 4 girls and 2 boys in this litter and they are all really great pups. This was a repeated was such a great match up, we just had to do it again!

Guardian Opportunities

We also have two girls looking for permanent Guardian Home families. Rain is 14 weeks and Ziggy is 10 weeks. Each of these girls has a therapy temperament, fleece coats, and will be 55-60 lbs at maturity.

Becoming a guardian home for one of our breeding dogs can be an excellent way to have a top-quality dog as your family pet. Here at Big Rock Labradoodles, we do not believe in the long term kenneling of our dogs (or any dog for that matter). Dogs raised and kept in kennels often do not get the proper socialization and stimulation that is needed for them to become well balanced, happy animals. Therefore, we like to place our upcoming breeding dogs in their forever homes as puppies with suitable families, while we retain legal ownership and breeding rights of that dog for a specified period of time.

What this means is that the dog lives with you as your family dog. You pay for all of the dog’s regular health maintenance (annual exams and vaccinations), food, grooming and other expenses. We pay for the genetic health testing required for our breeding dogs in addition to all breeding expenses. Some of these expenses include hip and elbow films, annual or semi-annual eye checks, screening for multiple genetic illnesses, and various other tests associated with the breeding process such as semen analysis, progesterone levels, etc. Once the dog has passed its initial health testing (usually prior to his or her first birthday), and he or she becomes sexually mature he or she comes back to Big Rock Labradoodles, as needed, for relatively short periods of time for breeding and/or whelping. When the dog completes his or her breeding obligations, you are given permission to neuter or spay the dog, providing proof to Big Rock that this has been completed, and the dog remains with the family they have always known and loved to to enjoy the wonderful life you have provided for him or her since puppyhood, legal ownership being transferred to you. Males are typically retained as sires for a longer period of time than breeding females, but they do not need to leave their families for any period of time. Females in guardian homes may have up to four litters (minimum of two) prior to being spayed, so their breeding career is often shorter than that of males, but they have to leave their family when they are raising their puppies...and, of course, we want you to visit!! For more information, CLICK HERE.

Puppy Health

All of our breeding dogs are extensively health tested for Genetic diseases, heritable eye diseases and hip dysplasia. Our breeding dogs also all have a therapy temperament. We only breed sound dogs, physically and of temperament, to ensure the best start for your new puppy. Our puppies are raised using only the best and tested methods of stimulation and socialization, ensuring that you are getting a well-rounded puppy, ready to be an excellent family member.

Breed Club Registered

All our puppies are registered with The World Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA). All of our puppies have a fully verified pedigree.

The Extras

Our puppies come home with a stuffy that smells of their littermates and momma, as well as a gift bag from us containing a leash, collar, hoof (for chewing), rope toy, ball and a Kong. We also have full Puppy Kits available for purchase so that you will instantly have everything you need to welcome home baby!

Contact Me Today

Alana Holst,, or through Facebook (emails is the best way to reach me).

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