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What is Rover Come Over?

Rover Come Over is a private, leash-free dog area that you can rent for your Pampered Pooch! Our leash-free areas offer a fantastic way for you and your pooch to interact in the great outdoors while enjoying a secure and safe experience, free of the risks of traditional off-leash parks.


Why bring your dog to Rover Come Over?

To use our leash-free areas, you must provide proof of vaccinations or titers.


Private bookings ensure that you and your pooches will be the only ones enjoying our secure areas during the time you have booked.


Our clients value our private leash-free options and are committed to leaving the areas as they found them so that everyone gets to enjoy a clean and safe experience.

Secure and safe environment, fully fenced and gated. NOTE:  Our fences are only 4 feet high and they are not escape proof.  If you have a dog that looks for any chance to run away, our facility is not the best choice for you and your pooch.


40,000-80,000 square feet to play in and enjoy, just for you and your pooch pack.

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Nuts and Bolts

Rover Come Over is over 120 square feet of private, fully fenced, leash-free areas.  Each area is surrounded by 4' fencing with gates at the entry.  We have 2 areas, each of them with their own theme.

  • Water Meadow is an 80,000 square foot, wide open zone where your Pampered Pooches can be free and run long and hard after the ball or frisbee.  The Water Meadow, as it's name suggests, also has a small dugout, so, if you have a water lover, bring a towel!

  • Mountain View is 40,000 square feet and mix of wide open space and a small scruffy/woodsy area, perfect for the sniffer in your life.  


To Get Here:

Download the 'what3words' app.  Our three words are 'censorship.bleak.edicts'.  Once you make the turn onto 19th Street E, we are the first drive on the right.  Address Marker is 496020.  Pull into the driveway, and park along the side, Water Meadow is on the North side and Mountain View is on the South side.  Park.  Enter through the horse gates and secure the chain behind you.  We do NOT provide water, so please bring your own.  Communal water dishes are the No. 1 way for your dog to catch kennel cough.  This is why we do not supply water in communal bowls.


Rules...There Have to Be Some!

  • Only Pre-Booked and Pre-Paid clients are permitted on the property.  You are only allowed to access the area that you booked.  No exploration of the other area is permitted.

  • Please do not arrive prior to your scheduled time.  We do not have the space for vehicles to be lined up.  We have allowed for the time between bookings and there should not be any overlap.  No parking on the main road is permitted, you must be in our driveway.

  • All dogs must be on leash until you are in your reserved area and the gate is chained

  • Please ensure, prior to entering the area, that you have the correct reservation date and time and that you are entering the area that you reserved.

  • No dog visits are permitted.  Many dogs do not interact well with other dogs, that is why they are visiting a private dog park.  Give dogs and their owners' space to safely enter and exit the areas

  • Rover Come Over is a place of peace, respect, and family-friendly fun.  No rude behavior will be tolerated.

  • No smoking of any kind is permitted on the property

  • All dogs must have proof of vaccine status or titer status at the time of booking (Parvo and Distemper).  Rabies vaccines and Bordetella vaccines are not required

  • You MUST pick up after your dog!  Dog refuse bags are not provided..please bring your own.  There are trash receptacles on the premises.

  • The park areas will not be double-booked.  If someone is still in the park at your designated time, please message us.  All clients must agree to adhere to their allotted time.  If you arrive late for your booking, you must still vacate the area at your scheduled end time.




Drop in Half Hour Park Pass: $20.00, plus GST

10 Pack for Half Hour Passes (10% discount):  $180.00, plus GST

20 Pack for Half Hour Passes (15% discount):  $340.00, plus GST


Drop in One Hour Park Pass: $28.00, plus GST

10 Pack for One Hour Passes (10% discount): $252.00, plus GST

20 Pack for One Hour Passes (15% discount): $476.00, plus GST



All bookings are done online.  

You will need to sign up as a member on our site.  You will need to sign our online waiver and upload proof of your dog's vaccine status (proof of vaccines or positive titers).  All payments must also be done online. 



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