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Our Code of Ethics

The Principles We Stand By

Our Code of Ethics is the foundation of Big Rock Labradoodles. It guides us in our dedication to the Australian Labradoodle breed, our care for the puppies we raise, and our relationship with you — the families who bring our puppies into their lives. 

We’re committed to responsible breeding practices, the well-being of our dogs, and providing support and transparency to our clients. As members of the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA), we uphold these standards with pride. Discover the values that drive us and learn more about our commitments.

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Our Commitment to the Breed

Nurturing the Future, One Puppy at a Time

We’re not just in this business for the sake of it — we have a deep-rooted passion and commitment to the breed. We’re dedicated to the wellness, heritage, and longevity of Australian Labradoodles.

Our goal is to uphold the highest standards of care, quality, and ethics as we work to improve the breed’s lineage and reputation. Our approach combines scientific research, top-notch veterinary care, and a whole lot of love to raise healthy, well-socialized pups.

We focus on health, temperament, and conformity to breed standards in all our breeding practices. We’re in it for the long haul, committed to enhancing the breed for future generations

Our Commitment to Our Puppies

Connecting Puppies to Loving Forever Homes

From the moment they’re born, our puppies are like family to us. We give them top care, early social skills, and a lot of love. We also work hard to find the right homes for them. We check out every potential pet parent to make sure it’s a good fit. Our puppies aren’t just pets — they’re future family members. Our aim is to find them forever homes where they’ll be happy and loved. It’s how we make sure our puppies have the best lives possible.

Big Rock Labradoodles
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Our Commitment to You

YourTrusted Partner for Your Pup's Lifetime

We’re committed to giving you more than just a healthy, well-socialized puppy. We’re also here to be honest and clear about what to expect from the breed. You can rely on us to set accurate expectations and deliver a pup that’s not just healthy and loving but also the perfect match for you and your family.

Worldwide Australian Labradoodles Association

Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association

Working Hand-in-Pawwith the Global Community

We’re fully committed to the values of honesty, respect, and teamwork within the Australian Labradoodle community. When you become a new breeder with us, you’re not just buying breeding stock — you’re joining a family that mentors you. We’ll walk beside you, sharing essential tips for responsible breeding. This openness extends to how we speak about our fellow breeders and their dogs — always with respect and honesty.

Each year, we proudly renew our commitment to the community’s ethical standards. And rest assured, if we ever consider making changes, we’ll seek WALA’s approval first. Together, we’re not just raising dogs — we’re elevating the entire breed.

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About Us

When your pup comes from Big Rock Labradoodles, you're choosing a breeder who values ethics, health, and the well-being of every furry bundle we bring into the world. Get to know us and see why a pup from us means you're choosing a lifetime of love and quality care.

Health Testing

We consider our dogs as family members. That's why we put in time and effort to make sure your new furry family member stays healthy in the long term. Learn more.

Enrichment & Socialization

From diverse environments to new faces, we carefully introduce puppies to the world, ensuring they grow into sociable and confident companions. Learn more.

Our Holistic Approach to Neutering

Our neutering policy prioritizes puppy health and is based on extensive research — balancing the benefits of mature neutering. Learn more.

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