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Big Rock Labradoodles

Meet Our Dads

The Gentlemen Sires of Big Rock Labradoodles

Meet the distinguished Gentlemen of Big Rock Labradoodles, each embodying the breed’s most sought-after qualities. Our males stand out for their excellent health, even-tempered nature, and the hallmark traits that Australian Labradoodles are known for. With intelligence and affability, these sires contribute a wealth of genetic virtues to our breeding program. They represent the breed’s standards with distinction, carrying forth the enduring legacy of Big Rock Labradoodles.

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Tampa Bay’s Electric Manatee

Tampa Bay's Electric Manatee

Big Rock’s Sherman

Big Rock's Sherman

Big Rock’s Happy Killmore

Big Rock's Happy Killmore

Big Rock’s Benitoite Bear

Big Rock's Benitoite Bear

Brickhaven’s County Justice

Brickhaven's County Justice

Rosebud’s Red Prince Charlie

Rosebud's Red Prince Charlie

Big Rock’s Coffee Bean

Big Rock's Coffee Bean