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Big Rock Labradoodles

Meet Our Moms

The Leading Ladies of Big Rock Labradoodles

Discover the Leading Ladies of Big Rock Labradoodles. These lovely ladies form the heart of our breeding program. Handpicked for their health, disposition, and true Australian Labradoodle characteristics, they enhance and strengthen our lineage with every generation. As the cherished foundation of our Big Rock family, we are eager for you to meet the wonderful females who bring so much joy and quality to our program.

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Big Rock’s Trace Element

Big Rock's Trace Element

Big Rock’s Baguette

Big Rock's Baguette

Big Rock’s Flora

Big Rock's Flora

Big Rock’s Hogmanay Gift of Scottish Whiskey

Big Rock's Hogmanay Gift of Scottish Whiskey

Big Rock’s Harper Lee

Big Rock's Harper Lee

Big Rock’s Sunny’s Halo

Big Rock's Sunny's Halo

Big Rock’s Mother of Dragons

Big Rock's Mother of Dragons