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Read Rave Reviews & Testimonials From Owners of Australian Labradoodles & Goldendoodles of Big Rock Labradoodles | USA | Canada


Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Tamara Volstad

Tamara Volstad

Our experience with Alana at Big Rock Labradoodles was nothings short of wonderful. From day one I knew we choose the right breeder. She's knowledgeable, answers all your questions and makes sure you're happy and ready to welcome home your new pup. We have Jasper (Vesper) from the Cocktails litter. (A beautiful Caramel, wool coat boy). Jasper is so calm,yet playful. He's responsive to all commands, eats well, loves chasing balls and stuffed toys and his walks. Our son Declan (3 years old)has his new best friend they're together 24/7. Jasper is truly the "dog of our dreams" We can't thank Alana and her family enough for the newest member of our family. I would recommend Big Rock Labradoodles to anyone looking for their forever fur baby. Tamara Volstad, Calgary,AB

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Jenn Hynes Mardian

Jenn Hynes Mardian

 "We got our wonderful Gracie Girl (Monroe from Big Rock's Old Holywood Litter, 2013) almost a year ago and she's become one of the family.  Alana is great an answering all the questions we've had over these past many months and is knowledgeable and supportive.  She genuinely cares about her fur babies and the families who are fortunate enough to eventually own them.  These dogs are an AMAZING breed!"

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Adam Mansbridge | Schwepp | At Week 6

Adam Mansbridge

How do I even sum all of this up? From the very first email to Alana at Big Rock Labradoodles through to home day and now beyond, our experience has been wonderful beyond words. The level of education, preparation, information and care provided throughout the entire process is without equal. If you're considering bringing a puppy into your home, I would wholeheartedly recommend that you reach out to Big Rock Labradoodles and schedule a visit with their pups. Even if you think you want another breed, meet Alana and these little puppies - you'll fall in love with them!

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Amanda Gowin

Amanda Gowin

"Alana was so awesome and clearly has the knowledge and love of what she does. We are so lucky to have Beaker from the Muppets and Fraggles litter join our family. He is so smart and great addition. Never know...maybe another somewhere in our future.

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Lisa Roen McMow

Lisa Roen McMow

"We adopted our Gypsie Rose at 9 months of age from Big Rock Labradoodles.  She was regretfully returned to Alana when her first owner became too ill to properly care for her.  It was obvious how important it was to Alana that Gypsie was placed into the right family and home.  Gypsie has been a perfect fit for us and and Chocolate Lab sister, Coco, too!"

(Lisa was recommended to us from one of our previous puppy families, The Caves!  Thanks Jenna!)

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Keri Weber

Keri Weber

 "Our experience with Alana was fantastic!!  She runs a very reputable business and first and foremost, her love for the dogs in contagious.  Her knowledge about the breed is immaculate.  In our situation, Alana took the time to personally see if our family was the right fit for our new dog.  We felt that this was very generous, given that it was a rescue and a very stressful situation for her and her pups.  We also find that contacting her with anything is a bonus.  She's always eager ad happy to help.  Our one-year-old, Harlow (of Big Rock's Old Hollywood Litter, 2013) has truly been a gift to our family.  She honestly was a diamond in the rough that just needed more love :)"

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Holly Hamer

Holly Hamer

Alana is a true professional. She operates her business with such obvious passion. She is knowledgeable and always makes herself available. I was recommended by a friend to check out Big Rock Labradoodles when I started looking for an Australian Labradoodle and I am so, so happy to have found Alana. Her dogs are amazing, true family members. The way she raises her pups, with her whole family at hand...I just cannot say enough. We are so impressed with everything about Big Rock and so excited to be on the list for one of Big Rock's gorgeous Doodles!

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Carrie Wilson

Carrie Wilson

"We had a fabulous experience with Alana and family our little boy Rizzo formally (Marlin)from the Major League litter is so smart he loves the snow and potty time turns into fun time he will stay out forever. He's growing a lot already and it's only been a week he knows his routine and he follows us everywhere we love him so much and Alana did a wonderful job socializing the puppies as nothing bothers him and he's very excited to meet anyone

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Julie Dick

Julie Dick

"It has been a year this month that we had to put down our Bichon-Shih-tzu of 15 years.  With the loss of our dog, I had it set in my mind that i didn't want another puppy in our family unit, even though my husband and children wanted another one. 

That is when we came across Alana's website.  Not knowing much about the breed, we connected with Alana.  She was very helpful and knowledgeable with all the questions we had.  We were able to meet her and the puppies right away.  With a tough choice to make between two of the puppies, we picked out our little guy, Baxter (formerly Bogart of Big Rock's Old Hollywood Litter, 2013).  He is a smart, lovable guy with a quiet disposition who is always eager to please and who has adjusted easily into our family.

We were so impressed with the quality of care and knowledge and the way Alana and her whole family participated  in the care of the puppies.  In our eyes, she is an absolutely top notch breeder who loves her dogs and takes the time to make sure that the dogs find the right home.  Her dogs are of high quality and we would recommend to anyone who is looking for an Australian Labradoodle puppy to choose a puppy from Big Rock Labradoodles.

Alana, thanks again for you ongoing support, love for your puppies and for making our family complete again."

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Alicia Byron Hall | Alberta Labradoodle Breeder

Alicia Byron Hall

"Alana is friendly, knowledgeable and available for questions anytime during the lifelong process of owning one of her dogs. Her puppies are well socialized and beautiful. We have a puppy from the designer litter- Hugo. He is awesome. His temperament and demeanor outweigh the notion of owning any other dog. Eventually we would like to add a friend for Hugo from a different litter. We highly recommend a Big Rock Labradoodle pup for your family. Ps. She's also is a kick ass groomer. We will drive the 3 hours to get him groomed by her! Best dogs ever- it's a forever family member and Alana @ Big Rock does it right!

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Jenna Cave | Alberta Labradoodle Breeder

Jenna Cave

"We love the pup that we got from Alana of Big Rock Labradoodles! (Big Rock's Astro Pop, now Jake from the Candy Litter, 2014).  Alana cares so much about all of her dogs and wants only the very best for all of them.  This is our first dog and it is so great that she is always available for questions.  I'm sure we will be getting another dog from her in the future.  Big Rock Labradoodles has wonderful dogs and is extremely knowledgeable about the breed.  I would highly recommend getting an Australian Labradoodle from Big Rock Labradoodles!"

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Alberta Labradoodle Breeder | Donna Treffers

Donna Treffers

"Our little Morley labradoodle was born on January 27, 2015 at Big Rocks Labradoodles in Okotoks, Alberta. His breeder Alana Holst took wonderful care of him until he came all the way to Ottawa to be with us. We, both Alana and I, were somewhat worried about him flying here but Alana picked the perfect doggy den for Morley's travel. She even included his blanket and stuffed toy frog. Morley arrived safe and sound and is now a big part of our family. Alana breeds perfect labradoodle pets who are cared for and loved from the moment they are born. Thank you Alana for our beautiful Morley. We will take good care of him always and give him the love and best home he could ask for.

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Michelle Koenig

Michelle Koenig

"I LOVE Alana of Big Rock Labradoodles!  Alana really cares about the well being of all of her dogs.  She goes above and beyond to make sure that they  are well cared for, both physically and emotionally.  She has extensive knowledge of Doodles, breeding, care and training of dogs and continues to learn, in order to make your experience the best that it can be.  The puppies are well-adjusted, they are raised around other dogs and children.  I am a Guardian Home to one of her babies and we absolutely love our girl.  She is an amazing dog.  Alana's Guardian Program is excellent.  She makes it easy to agree to being parents to her puppies.  There has been a lot of thought and planning put into Alana's Australian Labradoodle Breeding Program.  I would highly recommend choosing a puppy fro on of Big Rock's litters, even if you have to wait.  You won't be disappointed!"

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Alberta Labradoodle Breeder | Tiger 5 Weeks | Emily Z

Emily Z.

"I have Bear (tiger from Major League Baseball litter) and I want to reach out and let you know how incredible he is!
Shortly after we got him I got really sick, my whole digestive system shut down and I’ve spent a lot of time in hospital and home on IV nutrition and dealing with a lot of pain and trauma for the past two years. I honestly don’t know if I would still be here without the companionship and loyalty of Bear. He has helped me through my darkest days and still does!
He and I are working together with a training organization and he is my service dog in training! We are training him for tasks to help with panic attacks and anxiety and as a medical alert and I have a very serious allergy to gluten.
His temperament is AMAZING and the early work you did with him paid off big time as he isn’t afraid or startled by anything in our training. Our training is continuously amazed by his intelligence!
I just wanted to write you a little note to share what a difference he has made for me in my journey!

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Rachel Abrahamson | Alberta Labradoodle Breeder

Rachel Abrahamson

I purchased my new little forever fur baby from Big Rock Labradoodles in August. Coffee (formally Corker) came from the Australian Lingo litter. It was a fantastic experience. Watching the videos of the litter, learning and exploring, made you feel like you were apart of the whole experience - from birth onwards. Alana was there every step of the way. Alana is very knowledgeable about her puppies, and it is great having someone to ask questions and to provide ongoing support. I also purchased the puppy kit from her, this saved me a lot of time and angst trying to get the things together for when I brought him home. Having the essentials for my little fella from the get go meant I could concentrate on getting to know him. Choosing a puppy from Alana was the best thing I could have done. All the puppies were intelligent and gorgeous, and the love she has for each one of them, shows in how adjusted they are. It was hard to choose just one! Now, I can't even imagine my life without my little Coffee bean. Thanks Alana!

Big Rock Labradoodles | Testimonials | Alberta Labradoodle Breeder | Nutmeg 6 Weeks Old | Erin Shultz

Erin Shultz

Alana was awesome through the entire process of bringing home our new puppy! Not only did she deliver an amazing and well mannered dog, but she was an incredibly knowledgeable supporter. She provided lots of helpful information that helped us settle our puppy into our home and our family. We highly recommend Big Rock Labradoodles to anyone looking for a new dog. Thank-you for everything Alana!!

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