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Understanding Costs and Policies for Puppy Adoption

Embarking on the journey to welcome a new Australian Labradoodle into your home is both thrilling and significant. Getting familiar with the costs and our adoption procedures will help ensure a seamless introduction of your new furry friend into your home. Dive into the specifics of our policies, understand the pricing, and get a clear view of the entire adoption process. When you feel ready, you can easily submit our Adoption Application form.

For those considering a deeper involvement, we offer details on our Australian Labradoodle Guardian Homes program. Plus, you’ll find comprehensive responses to commonly asked questions regarding our pricing and policies.

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Puppy Pricing

Learn about the cost of our Wonderful Woofies and what’s included. No surprises, just love! Find out more.

Our Policies

Get to know our policies on adoptions, payments, and visits before you make the commitment. Learn more.

Application Process

See the steps involved in our application process to bring your new pup home. Learn more.

Adoption Application

Ready to get started? Take the first step by filling out our adoption application today. I’m ready!

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Australian Labradoodle Guardian Homes

Joining our Guardian Homes program is a unique and rewarding experience. You get to raise one of our carefully selected Australian Labradoodle puppies, providing them with love, training, and a forever home. While you enjoy the perks of having a top-quality pet, we maintain the breeding rights for a set period. This way, we can ensure the highest standards for our breeding program while the dog lives a fulfilling life as part of your family.

Guardian Homes

Discover what it takes to be a guardian home for a top-quality Australian Labradoodle. It’s a win-win for you and our dogs! Learn more.

Guardian Home Application

Ready to become a guardian home for one of our Australian Labradoodles? Fill out our application to get started.

Price & Policy FAQ’s

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Choosing to bring a puppy into your family is both a big decision and an exciting adventure! There's lots to learn but we're dedicated to being reliable partners throughout the whole journey so you can feel confident in your choice of breeder. Continue to check out our site to learn more about this incredible breed and we'll be here when you're ready to take the next step.

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