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Guardian Homes

Guardian Homes for Dogs

Guardian homes help us ensure that our breeding dogs enjoy a high quality of life, living as cherished family pets. These homes provide the one-on-one attention, love, and socialization that every dog deserves. Meanwhile, we maintain the breeding rights for these dogs, ensuring we can continue our responsible and ethical breeding program. This partnership makes it a win-win situation for everyone involved, especially the dogs who get to live happy, fulfilling lives.

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Being a Guardian Home for One of Our Dogs

We place our future breeding dogs in Guardian Homes as puppies. Becoming a guardian home is a rewarding experience for you and the dog. You get a top-quality pup to call your own while helping us ensure they grow up in a loving, healthy environment. This isn’t just a pet arrangement — it’s a partnership. You provide a caring home, and we cover all breeding-related vet costs. Once the breeding career is completed, your furry friend stays with you for good. It’s a win-win!

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Roles and Responsibilities

The dog lives with you permanently as a family pet. You’ll cover all the routine expenses like food, general veterinary care, grooming, and obedience training. We’ll take care of the specialized vet costs related to breeding, including hip and elbow films, eye checks, and genetic illness screening.

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Breeding Details

Once the dog passes its initial health tests and becomes sexually mature, it returns to us for short breeding or whelping periods. Males generally have longer breeding careers but no away times. While females have a shorter breeding career, having only 2 – 3 litters, they have longer away times.

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What Guardians Need to Know

Guardian families have specific responsibilities. For female dogs, you’ll need to manage heat cycles and protect her from unwanted male attention. For male dogs, you may deal with some “macho” behavior, and you must ensure that he only mates with approved females chosen by us.

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How Becoming a Guardian Home Can Benefit You

Joining our Guardian Home program comes with its own set of rewards. Here’s how becoming a guardian can benefit you:

  • Get a top-notch pick of the litter’ puppy, chosen and named by us
  • Receive additional in-depth health information on your dog
  • Enjoy ongoing support and training directly from the dog breeder
  • Save on kennel costs by planning trips around breedings or whelpings
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How Guardian Homes Benefit Our Dogs

A Guardian Home provides more than just a place to stay. These homes offer our dogs the love, care, and socialization they deserve. Here’s how a Guardian Home makes a positive difference in a dog’s life:

  • Stays in one loving home for life, no re-homing after retirement
  • Gets lots of social interaction and stability
  • Treated as a cherished family member
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Financial Considerations

The typical cost for a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle puppy is $3,500, plus tax. However, our Guardian program allows you to have a “breeding quality” dog at no upfront cost. If the dog ends up not being suitable for breeding, as determined by the breeder, you can switch to a pet contract for half the regular pet price and neuter or spay your dog at 18 months.

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Compensation and Health Warranty

Guardians of female dogs receive $100 per puppy for each litter, while guardians of males get $50 for each stud visit. Typically there are three visits per “honeymoon.” This is to compensate for the time your pet is away and for any inconvenience. Our health warranty is the same for any dog — whether the dog is in a guardian home or a pet home.

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Guardian Home Requirements

Becoming a guardian home is a rewarding experience, but it also comes with responsibilities. Here’s what we require for a successful partnership:

  • Guardians must live within a one-hour drive from Big Rock Labradoodles and are responsible for all dog transportation to and from the breeder.
  • Guardians must own their home and have a fully fenced yard.
  • Guardians must be non-smokers
  • Guardians must keep the dog on a leash when outside, unless in a fully fenced area.
  • Guardians must have previous dog experience, which is especially important for males.
  • Guardians must never use physical punishment on the dog.
  • Guardians must enroll their dog in formal puppy and obedience classes.
  • Guardians are required to socialize their dog well with people, kids, and other animals.
  • Guardians must provide approved vet care and consult with the breeder before any treatment.
  • Guardians must feed the dog a specific RAW diet, with breeder-approved supplements.
  • Guardians must avoid strenuous running on hard surfaces before the dog is 18 months old.
  • For female dogs, guardians must notify the breeder when a heat cycle begins and keep the female away from intact males.
  • For male dogs, guardians must not allow them to breed with any females not approved by the breeder.
  • Guardians must communicate and cooperate with the breeder for all breeding-related activities.
  • Guardianship is open to families with young children only on a case-by-case basis.
  • New Guardians are required to purchase our Puppy Starter Kit, which costs roughly $640.
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Next Steps

Ready to Become a Guardian Home?

If you’ve read through the requirements and think you’re a good fit, we’d love to hear from you! Becoming a guardian home is a rewarding way to have a top-quality dog as a family member, while also contributing to responsible breeding. Submit your application today and take the first step to welcoming a Wonderful Woofie into your home. We’re excited to partner with families who are as committed to the well-being of our dogs as we are!

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