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Avidog Breeding Program

We at Big Rock Labradoodles work hard to employ the cutting edge techniques taught by the great folks at Avidog and we encourage to check out their on-line programs offered HERE  so that you can continue where we left off! You’ll be glad you did!











Changing the future of dogs, one puppy at a time through

cutting-edge dog breeding and puppy raising techniques!

Today’s dogs and dog lovers face many challenges—

  • too many dogs with fearful, obsessive and aggressive temperaments,

  • increasing numbers of systemic and genetic canine diseases, including rising cancer rates,

  • diminishing access for dogs to public places and rising home-owner insurance rates due to the perceived dog-bite epidemic,

  • growing legislative control on dogs and dog breeding at all levels from local to federal, and tragically,

  • the euthanasia of millions of dogs in animal shelters each year that are unable to find or keep loving homes


Yet thousands of people are looking to add dogs to their families every year so do we really want FEWER dogs?  No!  We want BETTER dogs!   We can meet this goal while addressing the challenges above using cutting-edge dog breeding and puppy-raising practices.  These practices emphasize the lifetime influence of a dog’s first year of life.  By providing dog breeders and owners with the tools they need to optimize their dogs’ puppyhoods, Avidog practices improve the QUALITY rather than reducing the number of dogs.  

If your goal, like ours, is to ensure that all dogs thrive in loving homes, welcome to Big Rock Labradoodles and Avidog!  Let's work together to raise a great puppy which will grow up to be a great dog!

Puppy Owners!

As a puppy owner, you can take Avidog's online puppy college courses, available HERE to ensure your puppy becomes the dog of your dreams.


Avidog Courses Provide Best Puppy Rearing Practices for Labradoodles & Goldendoodles | Saskatoon | Vancouver

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