Code of Ethics

Big Rock Labradoodles Adheres to the ALAA Member Breeder Code of Ethics | Regina | St. Johns | New York

Code of Ethics

Commitment to WALA Community
  • I will help and support my fellow members in fulfilling our mission of Worldwide collaboration for the benefit of the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle Breeds.

  • I will mentor new breeders that purchase breeding stock from me.

  • I will speak truthfully and respectfully about fellow breeders and their animals at all times.

 ​Commitment to Breed
  • I will breed with the soundness of the Labradoodle or Australian Labradoodle in mind.

  • I will respect basic principles related to maximizing genetic diversity to maintain the health of the breed.

Commitment to Purchasers
  • I will not misrepresent the qualities of the Labradoodle or Australian Labradoodle, including any guarantee of allergy-friendliness.

  • I will ensure that all pups who are born or live with me will be properly cared for, vaccinated, wormed, and raised in a healthy environment where they are physically, mentally, and socially stimulated.

Commitment to WALA Organization
  • I will respect this Code of Ethics and will attest to my compliance with the Code of Ethics on an annual basis as part of my membership renewal.

  • I will obtain written approval from the WALA if my program is to deviate from this Code of Ethics in any way.


All WALA Member Breeders are required to respect WALA Rules and Regulations and Code of Ethics as a condition of membership. In cases where the regional laws of the WALA Member Breeder's country of residence are in conflict with the WALA Rules and Regulations or Code of Ethics, these regional laws will supersede the WALA Rules and Regulations and Code of Ethics.

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Big Rock Labradoodles

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Alana is a natural rearing, etchical and devoted dog breeder, total petpreneur and animal advocate dedicated to helping pet families and their Wonderful Woofies live their best ever lives together. 


Big Rock Labradoodles is a registered, fully accredited and voluntary 3rd party inspected, trustworthy & experienced professional breeder who is here to help you grow your family by four feet.  Choose Big Rock!

Located in High River, AB

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Located in High River, Alberta CANADA

The information contained in this website is subject to change at any time, as we continue to learn, research and grow in the development of the healthiest possible puppies for our families at Big Rock Labradoodles and information on website is not a contractual agreement between Big Rock Labradoodles and current/new clients.