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Best Brushes for Australian Labradoodles

Navigating the world of brushes for Australian Labradoodles can feel like a maze, right? So many choices, and you just want the best one! We get it – been there, trying to pick the perfect brush for our own Doodle buddies. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you out. 

Our guide dives deep into the best brushes for Australian Labradoodles, sharing top picks that’ll keep those fluffy Doods looking and feeling their best. Plus, we’ve got grooming tips and tricks up our sleeve – all for you! Let’s dig in and make grooming a breeze!

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Charming Doods!

The Australian Labradoodle is like a fun remix of the Labradoodle, combining Labrador Retriever and Standard Poodle ancestry. Surprisingly, these Doods don’t have any direct ‘Australian dog’ in them, but their original lines were started in Australia and many well-bred Australian Labradoodles have pedigrees that go all the way back to those original lines.  They’re multi-generational with an extra breed—usually an American or English Cocker Spaniel—making them stand out from the classic Labradoodles.

Just like their Labradoodle pals, Australian Labradoodles are playful, affectionate, and bred to have coats that shed very little or not at all. They’ve been refined since the 1980s, aiming for predictable traits in terms of temperament and appearance, including coat types and hypoallergenic potential.

However, despite their allergy-friendly reputation, these cuties come with grooming responsibilities. Let’s face it, all Doodles need their grooming fix, right?

Routine Brushing — A Must for Australian Labradoodles

What is your top priority in your Australian Labradoodle’s grooming routine? Regular brushing! 

You need a top-notch brush to tackle those thick layers of fur, preventing any unsightly matting. No one wants their fluffy Dood to end up a matted, pelted mess, right?  You also do not want to be that client at the groomers who didn’t maintain their Dood’s coat, doesn’t want their Dood shaved, meanwhile their Dood is completely pelted underneath the long hair.  You must brush…it’s not an option when you have an Australian Labradoodle.

Choosing The Best Brush for Australian Labradoodles

So, you’re in the market for the best brush? Let’s delve into the essential tools for your Australian Labradoodle.

Slicker Brush

Big K Slicker Brush
Big K Slicker Brush

The slicker brush is a go-to choice for many Doodle parents and professional groomers. Its design suits heavy-duty brushing sessions, making it perfect for those dense, textured coats, just like those on Australian Labradoodles.

Pin Brush

Chris Christensen Dog Brush, Oval Pin Brush
Oval Pin Brush

The trusty pin brush is more traditional in design, ideal for general grooming. If your Dood doesn’t have a super high-maintenance coat, this brush is a gem for removing hair fall and detangling.

Metal Comb

Steel Comb
Steel Comb

A good metal or stainless steel comb is a crucial tool in your grooming kit. This little champion helps detangle stubborn knots and works wonders in those more delicate areas like the face, head, and paws.

Dematting Blade

Wahl Canada Soft Grip Dematter

Got stubborn mats? Enter the dematting blade! This trust sidekick is a nifty tool and a real game-changer.

The deal with dematting blades is simple: they’re your secret weapon against tangled and matted fur! The six curved blades swiftly untangles knots and keeps your Dood’s coat in top shape.  Be sure to comb out the area of the mat to remove all the clumps, or else they can come back together to form a new mat.

Choosing the Best Brush Based on Coat Type

Let’s break it down based on coat types, because not all Australian Labradoodles are the same.

Straight to Wavy Fleece Coat

Most common, Fleece is silky and soft, the pin brush is a great choice for these less prone-to-tangle coats, although you can also use the slicker brush.

Australian Labradoodle - example of a doodle with a straight to wavy coat
Example of an Australian Labradoodle with a Straight to Wavy Fleece Coat

Curly Fleece

Very common, curly fleece is silky and soft, though it is more prone to matting than the straight to wavy fleece.  The slicker brush is the best option for these coats.

Australian Labradoodle - example of a doodle with a wavy to curly coat
Example of an Australian Labradoodle with a Wavey to Curly Fleece Coat

Wool Coat

Less common, similar to the Poodle’s curly coat, it needs a heavy-duty slicker brush to prevent matting.

Australian Labradoodle - example of a doodle with a wool coat
Example of an Australian Labradoodle with a Wool Coat

Hair Coat

Even less common and not allergy friendly, due to it’s shedding undercoat, this coat benefits from both pin and slicker brushes for proper grooming.

Australian Labradoodle - example of a doodle with a hair coat
Example of an Australian Labradoodle with a Hair Coat

The Best Brushes for Australian Labradoodles — Based On Our Own Experience

Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate brush for your Australian Labradoodle, you’ve struck gold with the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush. This brush isn’t just top-notch — it’s the rockstar among dog brushes! Specifically crafted for those more challenging coats, like the wooly ones and textured wavy to curly coats, the Big G does it all. It effortlessly breezes through those textured curls, bidding farewell to knots, tangles, dirt, loose fur – you name it! This brush is like a superhero for your Dood’s coat!

Purchase on Amazon

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Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

If you’ve got a younger pup or a Dood that’s not super high-maintenance, the Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush might just be your perfect match. This ain’t your regular ol’ hair brush—it’s lightweight, durable, and seriously sturdy, giving you the perfect hold while pampering your pooch.

What makes this brush stand out? Picture rounded pins with polished tips—talk about a luxurious experience for your furry friend! Those pins glide through the coat as if they’re on a mission, making the whole grooming process a breeze.

Now, let’s be real, pin brushes aren’t the go-to for those super dense and textured coats. But for those more relaxed wavy or straight coats, this brush is a gem for deshedding, detangling, and keeping that fur free from any unwelcome dirt or debris. It’s like your go-to magic wand for those easier-to-groom coats!

Purchase on Amazon

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Andis 10″ Steel Comb

At an amazing price, the Andis 10″ Steel Comb is built to last. It’s robust and durable. Trust me, it can probably outlast us all! Those stubborn knots? They don’t stand a chance with this gem in your grooming kit!

The magic of this comb lies in its versatility. With narrow and wider set teeth on each side, it’s like having a superhero tool. Tackle tough knots, groom delicate areas like the face, or give your pup’s fur that extra fluff – this comb’s your all-in-one solution. It’s the multitasking hero every dog owner needs!

Purchase on Amazon

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Wahl Canada Soft Grip Dematter

Got mats? Enter the Wahl Canada Soft Grip Dematter! This trusty sidekick is a nifty tool and a real game-changer.

The deal with dematting blades is simple: they’re your secret weapon against matted fur! Perfect for those pesky mats, this blade swiftly untangles knots and keeps your Dood’s coat in top shape.  Be sure to go through with the steel comb after you separate the mat with the dematting blade to remove all the loose bits of fur, or it can mat up again.

Purchase on Amazon

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Time to Master the Brushing Technique for Your Australian Labradoodle!

Now that you’ve got your paws on the perfect brush for your Dood, let’s chat about how to brush them like a pro. Gather your slicker or pin brush, a trusty metal comb, and, for added ease, consider a dematting blade and a dog detangling spray on hand (totally optional, but it can make things smoother!).

Before diving into brushing, run your fingers through all that fabulous fur. Any knots playing hide-and-seek? Tackle each one with your comb or dematting blade and a spritz of detangling spray. Remember, whether you’re dealing with a single knot or brushing larger areas, always start from the tip and work your way gently toward the roots.

Once you’ve outwitted those pesky tangles, it’s showtime for your pin or slicker brush. A light mist of detangling spray can work wonders for a smoother grooming session.

Start the grooming journey from the paws, moving upward to the legs, belly, sides, neck, and finishing off with that majestic back. Don’t skip the infamous trouble spots— under the collar, around the ears, in the leg pits, between the paws, and all around the tail—give them some extra love. Psst, check out this super helpful illustration as your grooming sidekick!

Preventing Matting — A Must for Australian Labradoodles

Here’s the scoop: those lovely Australian Labradoodles, like their Poodle mix buddies, have a knack for matting. But fear not, preventing it is a simple yet essential grooming task—regular brushing does the trick.

Your secret weapon? A quality dog brush. But here’s the catch: consider your Dood’s coat type when picking the right brush. For the curly-coated Wool Doods, a heavy-duty slicker brush is your hero. But for the wavy and straight-coated cuties, both pin and slicker brushes are the real champs.

Now, here’s a pro tip: mind the pin length on your brush. If you fancy a longer, shaggier look for your pup, opt for pins that match. Short pins might miss out on some layers, leading to those dreaded knots and mats.

Oh, and size matters! A larger dog needs a larger brush, while the Mini Doodles need a more petite option.

Last but not least, quality rules the game. Pick a brush made from top-notch materials—nobody wants a brush that falls apart after a few uses. Smooth gliding pins are a must, ensuring an easy, knot-free grooming experience for your adorable Dood.

Top Picks for Brushing Your Australian Labradoodle — Your FAQs Answered

Wondering what brush is best for your Australian Labradoodle? Well, it all depends on your pup’s coat. For dense, textured hair prone to mats, a slicker brush is the way to go. Don’t forget a good quality metal or stainless steel comb for those sensitive areas and the more stubborn tangles.

Want that adorable fluff for your Labradoodle? Regular grooming is the key! Daily brushing, baths, and keeping up with haircuts will do the trick. Oh, and make sure to use grooming tools and shampoos that suit your dog’s coat and skin. A dog-specific shampoo and conditioner, a blow dry post-bath, and a little fluffing with a brush or comb will have your pup looking fab.

When it comes to grooming those adorable Labradoodle puppies, it’s all about gentleness and using smaller tools. They’re delicate little beings, so be extra careful with the pressure and opt for smaller brushes. Starting grooming routines early helps them get used to it and makes future grooming a breeze!

Last Words

Picking the perfect brush for your Australian Labradoodle can be quite a challenge. With so many options out there, finding the right one for your furry friend can feel a bit overwhelming. We’re here to make it easier! Hopefully, this guide has steered you in the right direction, matching your dog’s coat and hair length to the ideal brush, and more. Here’s to happy grooming sessions ahead!


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