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What Is a Guardian Home, Anyway?

Let’s discuss the wonderful world of Australian Labradoodles! These charming furballs are more than just pets—they’re companions that bring joy and a touch of luxury to any home. With their delightful personalities and incredible qualities, it’s no wonder Australian Labradoodles have captured hearts around the globe. And guess what? We have an exciting opportunity for you to welcome one of these adorable pups into your home at no cost!

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What Even Is a Guardian Home?

We believe that every dog deserves to live as a beloved family member. Unlike traditional breeding programs that rely on kennels, we are proud to offer our unique and compassionate Guardian Home Program. This initiative allows us to expand our breeding program while ensuring that our dogs live happy, fulfilling lives in loving homes.

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Our Beautiful Australian Labradoodle Puppies Have So Much Love to Give!

The Guardian Home Program Explained

A Guardian Home is a special arrangement where selected local families receive a therapy temperament top quality puppy from our breeding program to raise as their own forever dog. This puppy, chosen for its exceptional qualities, will become part of our future breeding program while living a full life with you. Here’s how it works:

  • No Cost Puppy: Families in our Guardian Home Program receive a prized breeder’s choice puppy at no upfront cost.
  • Lifelong Companion: This puppy will be your forever dog, enjoying the love, care, and adventures of a family life.
  • Breeding Partnership: While you provide a nurturing home, Big Rock Labradoodles retains breeding rights for a pre-agreed number of litters, usually two.
  • Full Support: We offer ongoing support and guidance to ensure that both you and your dog thrive during the program.
  • We never make you feel like your Guardian Dog is anything less than your forever baby. This is a partnership and we want you to be successful and we also want you to feel that the dog that we have placed with you is very much your dog!  We have so many guardian families that you can speak with to find out more about their great experience being a member of our family.

Why Join Our Guardian Home Program?

Becoming a Guardian Home is an exciting and unique opportunity with numerous benefits:

  1. Love and Companionship: You get to experience the joy of having a wonderful dog as part of your family without the initial cost.
  2. Quality Care: Our breeding dogs are carefully selected for their exceptional temperaments and health, ensuring you receive a top-quality pet.
  3. Ongoing Support: We provide full support, including veterinary care for breeding-related expenses, to help you manage your dog’s health and well-being.
  4. Making a Difference: By participating in the Guardian Home Program, you are contributing to the betterment of the breed and helping us provide exceptional therapy and service dogs to those in need.
  5. Exclusive Community: Join an exclusive group of Guardian families who share your commitment to raising happy, healthy dogs. You’ll be part of the Big Rock Labradoodles’ family, with access to special events and updates.

How It Works

  1. Selection Process: Interested families must live within one hour of High River, AB, and have a fully fenced yard. We carefully select Guardian Homes to ensure the best environment for our dogs.
  2. Bringing Home Your Puppy: Once chosen, you’ll bring home a breeder’s choice puppy, ready to become a cherished member of your family.
  3. Lifelong Partnership: You’ll raise, train, and love your puppy while we retain breeding rights for a set number of litters. We handle all breeding-related responsibilities, including veterinary care.
  4. Financial Benefit (females):  For every puppy that your dog raises, we pay you a set fee which you can use freely (although it goes to more than cover your girl’s spay at the end of her career).
  5. After Breeding: Once the breeding agreement is fulfilled, your dog is fully yours, with no further obligations to the breeding program.

Joining our Guardian Home Program is more than just getting a new pet; it’s about becoming part of a compassionate community dedicated to the well-being of our dogs and the betterment of the breed. It’s a win-win situation where you gain a loving companion, and our dogs enjoy the life they deserve.

Interested in Becoming a Guardian Home?

If you’re excited about this unique opportunity and meet the requirements, we’d love to hear from you. Together, we can ensure that every Big Rock Labradoodle lives a life filled with love and adventure.  Please either contact us, if you would like further information, or go ahead and fill out our Guardian Home Application Form.  Either way, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Since 2011, I've dedicated myself to breeding Standard Sized Australian Labradoodles, fueled by a passion for holistic practices and exceptional quality. My focus lies in fostering strong bonds between humans and dogs, crafting loyal companions for therapy, service, and family — spreading love, one precious puppy at a time.

Alana Holst

Alana Holst

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We make a heartfelt promise to our cherished puppies and their new families, dedicating ourselves to the health, happiness, and lifelong well-being of every Labradoodle we raise and to fostering a supportive community among our adoptive families. Learn more about us.

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