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Guardian Application Form

Guardian Application Form For Breeding Labradoodle Dogs by Big Rock Labradoodles | Canada | USA

Guardian Home Application Form

To begin the Guardian Home Application Process for a Guardian Dog from Big Rock Labradoodles, please fill out, sign and return this form. Once we have received your application, we will get back to you within 48 hours.
Do you own your own home?
Do you have a fully fenced yard?
Do you have children at home?
Does anyone in the home have allergies to dogs?
Have you previously owned a dog?
Have you ever surrendered a pet to a shelter?
Do you have any other pets?
Is there anyone in the home who does not want a puppy?
Sex Preferred
Size Preferred
Have you researched this breed and do you have a good understaning of their energy levels, exercise requirements and grooming requirements?
Have you ever raised a puppy?
Are you prepared to invest the time and assume the responsibility reuired to raise a puppy?
Puppies require socialization and training. Are you willing to commit to taking your puppy to a minimum of formal puppy classes and then obedience classes when he is older?
Do you work outside the home?
Big Rock Labradoodles is a natural rearing and holistic minded breeder. We believe in prevention as the key to good health. As such, we require our Guardian Families to commit to a life of raw feeding and minimal vaccinations. Do you commit to feeding your dog a fresh, balanced raw diet?
How did you hear about Big Rock Labradoodles?

Thank you for filling out our Guardian Home Application Form. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

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