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Doodle Sizes

Complete Guide to Labraododle Sizes

I am 5' 8".  You can use these images as a comparison to better understand the difference between the sizes of our Australian Labradoodles here at Big Rock.


This is our beautiful girl, Hera.  Hera is 68 lbs; a very solidly built 24" Large Standard size girl.






















This is Brooke, a Small Standard size, and one of our mamas.  She weighs 48 lbs















































This is Whiskey, a Medium girl and one of our mamas.  She is 19" tall and weighs 32 lbs.  













































Labradoodle sizes can be confusing, but given the right information, they can be very simple to understand and are a very helpful tool when choosing your next family member! The Labradoodle Associations (WALA, ALAA, and ALCA) all recognize that there are three standard sizes of Labradoodles; Standard, Medium, and Mini (although there are variations within this to include Large-Standard, Small-Standard, Large-Medium, Large-Mini and even micro-mini).  Here at Big Rock Labradoodles, we specialize in the larger dogs which have become very difficult to find, as most breeders have tailored their programs to breed minis and mediums.  


Weight vs. Height

The size of a Labradoodle, as well as all dogs, is determined by two important variables; weight and height. While weight is the most common measurement used, it can be misleading when not taking into account the height of the dog. For example, a dog who is 50 lbs can be only 20" inches at the shoulder, while another dog, also 50 lbs, can be 21 or even 22" inches at the shoulder. As you can imagine, 3 or 4 inches in height makes a big difference in the dog’s size. One is short and stocky, the other is taller and willowy. In my opinion, height is the more important of the two variables because a taller dog gives the feeling of taking up more room.

Here is an easy guide by height and by weight for Big Rock Labradoodles, remembering that we do not breed anything smaller than 30 lbs, and most of our litters are actually 45 lbs and up.

Easy guide to size by height:       Large Standard: 23-25 inches

Standard: 21-23"

Large Medium: 19-20"

Medium: 18-19"

Easy guide to size by weight:      Large Standard:  65-80 lbs 

Standard: 50-65

Large Medium: 40-50

Medium: 30-40

Labradoodles can range from being thin and light to solid and substantial. That explains the wide range of weights and the importance of also needing a height measurement.  There are occasions when the weight of a labradoodle indicates one size and the height indicates another.  Which measurement takes priority? I feel that height is a more realistic interpretation of a dog’s size, for most people. Also, our Wonderful Woofies can have so much fluff, that even a lightweight dog can seem much bigger than they actually are until you see them wet! When they are dry, their weight is not very obvious. Their height, on the other hand, determines practical things, such as what size crate they need and whether or not they can reach food on your counters. While weight is the easiest and most common indicator, height is an important variable to be considered in determining the size of a Labradoodle.  

Photo of a Standard caramel Australian Labradoodle at Big Rock Labradoodles
Photo of a large medium golden Australian Labradoodle at Big Rock Labradoodles
Photo of a Medium chocolate parti Australian Labradoodle at Big Rock Labradoodles
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