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The World of Beatrix Potter

Etta and Fossey have Five Beautiful Bunnies (I mean puppies)! Home Date is May 25th!

These two have honeymooned once before! They are the parents of our stunning Elvis Litter! These therapy temperament dogs are just fabulous, devoted, loving, intuitive family members and they pass their therapeutic qualities to their offspring. Pups will be 45-60 lbs with straight to wavy, non-shedding fleece coats.

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Discover our charming Australian Labradoodle puppies, each profile is designed to steal your heart at first glance!

Spot a green ‘Guardian’ ribbon? It means we’re seeking a loving guardian home for that special pup – could it be with you? Visit our Guardian Homes page to learn more about the program and how you can become part of our cherished community.



Big Rock's Flopsy - from Big Rock Labradoodles' World of Beatrix Potter Litter - at 3 weeks
Big Rock's Flopsy
Flopsy is a solid black beauty with a red collar. She will be 45-55 lbs


Big Rock's Mopsy - from Big Rock Labradoodles' World of Beatrix Potter Litter - at 3 weeks
Big Rock's Mopsy
Mopsy is a lovely extreme caramel-red parti. She will be 45-55 lbs


Big Rock's Cotton-tail - from Big Rock Labradoodles' World of Beatrix Potter Litter - at 3 weeks
Big Rock's Cotton-tail
Cotton-tail is a gorgeous, deep red girl who will be 45-50 lbs.


Big Rock's Jemima-Puddle-Duck - from Big Rock Labradoodles' World of Beatrix Potter Litter - at 3 weeks
Big Rock's Jemima Puddle Duck
Jemima Puddle Duck is a cute black girl with a brown collar.


Big Rock's Peter-Rabbit - from Big Rock Labradoodles' World of Beatrix Potter Litter - at 3 weeks
Big Rock's Peter Rabit
Peter is the only boy in this litter. He is black with a blue collar. Peter will be 55-60 lbs.

Litter Updates

Little Paws, Big Steps!

April 1, 2024

Our Beatrix Potter litter has arrived! We were anticipating a larger litter, but Etta seems perfectly content to only have to wrangle 5 sweet babies! These first few weeks are all about Mom and her babies being together 24 hours a day, except for quick shots outside for a potty break for Etta...then bolting straight back to her little clutch. Puppies this age are blind, deaf and cannot make their own body heat, so momma keeps them tucked in with her and nice and warm. The pup's whole life right now is nursing, sleeping and! We are doing Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) with the litter at this time, we do this until they are 16 days old. Hard to believe that in just two more weeks these pups will have their eyes and ears open, they will be walking and even learning to use the potty!

April 17, 2024

Wow! These sweet angels are sure growing up fast! They moved out of the whelping pool today and into their half pen with a potty box!! It's amazing to see 3-week-old puppies wobbling over to the potty and using it! By the time they go home, they are pros! We have added overhanging toys and large toys and stuffies to their pen as well, so that they can climb over things, interact with things, both overhead and on the floor. We have also introduced things that make sounds. This is just the beginning of their socialization and stimulation process! They are just the sweetest at this time. They still seek heat, as it is another week before they can maintain their own body heat, so if we sit in the pen with them, they just climb all over us and fall therapy on planet earth!!!

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Proud Parents


Big Rock's Baguette

Australian Labradoodle - Big Rock's Baguette - Etta
Standard 22" at shoulder, 55 lbs
Etta is a beautiful girl with such a lovely temperament. She is very loyal and devoted to her family and is sweet and playful. We are enjoying watching her grow…
More About Etta


Sunrise Big Mountain Gorilla

Australian Labradoodle - Sunrise Big Mountain Gorilla - Fossey
Standard 23" at shoulder, 55 lbs
Fossey is so adorable! He is sweet and so placid. He is going to be a lovely famly dog! We are exctited to watch him grow!
More About Fossey
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Current Litters

More Labradoodle Puppies for Sale

To view other Australian Labradoodle puppies we have for sale, visit any of the current litters listed below.



DOB: October 12, 2023

Gorgeous pups from Walrus & Harper Lee! Two standard Australian Labradoodles Females are still available (60 lbs) with wavy-curly fleece coats.

Good Old Toys

Good Old Toys

DOB: November 03, 2023

Chickadee's litter offers red/caramel pups, 40-55 lbs., with wavy-curly fleece coats. Affectionate and human-centered, don't miss out!

Famous Dogs from Movies and TV

Famous Dogs from Movies and TV

DOB: January 20, 2024

Sully's final litter offers chocolate or caramel pups, 60-75 lbs. Sweet, affectionate, and charming, they're perfect family companions!

Willie Nelson – Favourites and Friends

Willie Nelson - Favourites and Friends

DOB: February 23, 2024

Flora & Fossey's sweet and gentle souls create perfect puppies. They'll be 40-55lbs, some parti and some parti/roan, with therapy temperaments and pure delight.

The World of Beatrix Potter

The World of Beatrix Potter