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Calgary’s Trusted Pet Care Services

We’ve curated a list of businesses and services that come highly recommended for their quality, understanding, and support of various pet care needs, including raw feeding, holistic care, and positive reinforcement training. 

Whether you’re looking for a vet who respects your feeding choices or a groomer specialized in Doodle breeds, this guide has you covered. Our list is always evolving, so be sure to check back for the latest recommendations.

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Raw Friendly Vets in Calgary

Finding a vet who supports your choice to feed your pet a raw diet can be challenging. Below, we’ve listed vet clinics in Calgary and the surrounding area known for being raw-friendly and, in some cases, offering both holistic and alternative veterinary care.

Vet Direct – Mobile Vet Service

Dr. Marco Bregliano’s Vet Direct offers the convenience of mobile veterinary services. While Dr. Bregliano may not specialize in raw feeding protocols, he respects pet owners’ choices and provides exceptional veterinary care. 

Website:  Vet Direct

Southpointe Pet Hospital

Led by Dr. Wendy, a naturopathic/holistic vet, Southpointe Pet Hospital has vast knowledge in holistic pet care, including support for raw diets. 

Website: Southpointe Pet Hospital

Calgary Holistic Clinic

This NW Calgary clinic is a haven for pet owners seeking holistic care, offering a variety of additional services to cater to your pet’s well-being.

Website: Calgary Holistic Clinic

Legacy Veterinary Clinic

Legacy Veterinary Clinic is a perfect blend of conventional and alternative veterinary medicine, known for its in-house and same-day titer testing. 

Facebook: Legacy Veterinary Clinic 

Healing Traditions Holistic Veterinary Care

Located in SE Calgary, this clinic offers complimentary veterinary therapies, including acupuncture, therapeutic laser, osteopathy, Chinese and Western herbal therapies, aromatherapy, nutritional supplements, and other treatment options.

Website: Visit Healing Traditions

Deerfoot South Spay, Neuter and Wellness Clinic

Known for its affordable basic healthcare, Deerfoot South is understanding of pet owners who choose a raw diet for their pets.

Website: Deerfoot South

Langdon Veterinary Clinic

Offering affordable and knowledgeable care, Langdon Veterinary Clinic is especially experienced with working breeds, making it a great choice for owners of sight hounds, sled dogs, and more.

Website: Langdon Veterinary Clinic

Positive Reinforcement Training

Training your pet using positive reinforcement is a powerful way to build a strong bond and encourage good behavior. Here are some top-notch services in Calgary that specialize in this method.

Tiarific Canines

Amanda Garrow’s program stands out for its commitment to positive reinforcement, ensuring a fun and effective training experience.

Website: Tiarific Canines

Pawsitively Pooched

Located in Northmount Village, Pawsitively Pooched is dedicated to using only positive reinforcement techniques in their training programs.

Website: Discover Pawsitively Pooched

Raising Canine

This Crowfoot-based training center is another excellent option for those looking to train their dogs using positive reinforcement.

Website: Visit Raising Canine

Good as Gold Training

Offering a wide variety of services, Good as Gold is a versatile training center that adheres strictly to positive reinforcement methods.

Website: Good as Gold Training

Baxter & Bella Online Program

For those preferring to train at home at their own pace, Baxter & Bella’s online program is an exceptional choice. Use “BIGROCK15” for 15% off.

Website: Try Baxter & Bella

Specialty Grooming

Labradoodle grooming that goes beyond the basics, offering personalized care tailored to the unique needs of your pet.

Big Rock Doodle Spot

If you own a Doodle breed, Big Rock Doodle Spot is the specialty groomer for you. Focused exclusively on Doodle breeds, they have the expertise to make your Doodle look its best.

Facebook: Big Rock Doodle Spot

Choosing the Best for Your Wonderful Woofie

This resource is designed to assist you in locating the best care for your pet in Calgary, featuring everything from veterinary services that align with your feeding preferences to training programs that encourage trust and respect between you and your pet. We hope you found it helpful and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or need further guidance. Remember to check back for the latest updates and new recommendations.


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Alana Holst

Alana Holst

Australian Labradoodle Breeder

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