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Our Puppies

Our puppies are hand-raised by our family for yours.  They are born in the nursery, which is a quiet and secure space, away from the general hubbub of the house, and right next to our bedroom.  In this way, I spend a lot of time with the pups and their momma in the early weeks.


During the 8-9 weeks that we get to spend with the puppies, we work hard to give our pups the best possible start in life.  When they leave us and join your family, we want them to be happy, secure, calm and stable pups with a great foundation for you to build on.

Once the puppies are born, they spend 2+ weeks in the nursery, under much supervision.  The nursery is constantly monitored, either in person or by a monitor, it is kept very warm and dim as puppies under 3 weeks of age can not regulate their body temperature, also when their eyes first open, they are very sensitive to light.  As they grow and develop, they move to the 'Puppy Palace'.  At that point, they will receive new stimuli and experiences weekly, if not daily toward the end of their time with us. 


They receive a great deal of stimulation, socialization, and experiences including just some of the following:

  • Early Neurological Stimulation

  • Early Scent Introduction

  • Hours of handling and physical stimulation

  • Exposure to mirrors

  • Socializing with older puppies and adult dogs

  • Playtime with kids and teens

  • Experiencing a variety of surfaces, sounds, sights, and smells

  • Trips in the car

  • Bathing and Grooming

  • Trips to the Vet

  • Exploring our large puppy runs, including our Avidiog Adventure Box and play equipment complete with moving tunnels, a ramp, a bridge, a slide, and plenty of enrichment items. 

  • Exploring our dog decks


We start the process of crate training by introducing an open door crate at five weeks (which they happily pile into and sleep in a big cuddle puddle) and by 6.5 weeks, they are spending the night in crates, so by the time they join your family, they are night time crate sleepless nights required!


In addition, all of our puppies are litter box trained, making housebreaking easier for you because they already know that there is a place to go.  You just need to show them where that place is in your home...outside!

All of these things ensure that our Wonderful Woofies are well-balanced puppies who are curious, confident, outgoing, happy, and social.  We are passionate about raising strong and healthy pups with fabulous temperaments who will compliment your family to a tee!

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