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Potty and Crate Training Your New Puppy

Potty and Crate Training Are EVERY Puppy Owner’s TOP Priorities!

When you enroll in Avidog’s Puppy Potty Training Solution we walk you through each step of the process to ensure you successfully potty train AND crate train your puppy!

To give you a taste of just how comprehensive “Avidog’s Puppy Potty Training Solution” is, we are giving away the first chapter for FREE! To download your copy, Click Here.

Here’s what else you get when you enroll:

  • Avidog’s Puppy Potty Training Solution eBook

  • Our three on-demand potty webinars

  • Weekly support emails that help you progress through the program

  • A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Despite What Others May Say, Here’s The Truth About Potty and Crate Training…

It takes at least six months to fully potty train a young puppy! There are no quick fixes, gimmicks, or tricks!

NO puppy loves being confined to its crate at the beginning, even if they are den animals! BUT confinement training is essential to keeping your puppy safe!

When you enroll in Avidog’s Puppy Potty Training Solution we will teach you how to use your puppy’s instincts so that you can have:

  • a clean house

  • a trustworthy dog

  • peace of mind

In addition, and just as important, once you have potty, chewing and barking behaviors under control, your dog will:

  • enjoy more freedom in your home

  • be confident that you will understand and respond to requests to go out to potty

  • have more involvement in your life

  • be welcome in shops, hotels and other people’s homes

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying About Avidog’s Puppy Potty Training Solution…

“I love to hear how other puppies are doing and advice given to them helps me a lot with issues my puppy might have that I haven’t thought to ask about.”

“We get specialized responses and an opportunity to her how others are doing… “

Why This Decision Is A No-Brainer!

When you enroll in the course you get a


How do we KNOW we can help YOU? Because collectively we have successfully helped potty train hundreds of puppies!!

We Are Puppy Specialists!!

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