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How to Make Bone Broth - And Why You Want To!

Bone Broth is full of awesome nutrients and offers many health benefits. Because broth is intensely meaty, dogs love it, so it’s not a struggle to get them to eat it.

This bone broth recipe is for dogs (although it's great for humans too) and it’s simple to make. It just requires a few inexpensive, easy to source ingredients, and a slow cooker.

Bone broth is a fabulous addition for all dogs' diets, but especially so for pups, seniors, and the unwell.

Here are just a few of the potential health benefits of bone broth for dogs:

  • Bone broth supports bone and joint health due to the high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin (a must for dogs with any type of arthritic condition)

  • Immune booster

  • Supports your dog’s digestive system and, because it’s easily digestible, helps to soothe tummy troubles

  • Loaded with nutrients and minerals which are easily absorbable

  • Bone broth can help to relieve common food and environmental allergies

  • Boosts overall health and condition

  • Can help to relieve dry, itchy skin and can aid in conditioning the coat

  • Can heal leaky gut

Additional Benefits:

  • It's tasty! Even to the fussiest dog

  • Bone broth is simple to make

  • A large batch is very cost effective

  • Humans can eat it, too, and enjoy many of the same benefits

  • It can be used as stock to flavor dishes

  • Bone broth can be used in other health-boosting recipes, such as golden paste

Here are a few things to remember about bone broth for dogs:

  • Bone broth is not a replacement for bone or bone meal in a raw diet

  • Do not dispose of the meat, fat, and little bits of vegetables.

  • MAKE SURE to remove all cooked bone

  • Bone broth is absolutely fine if it doesn’t gel. Don’t throw away the broth just because it hasn’t gelled

  • Using a variety of bones makes the best broth, rich in collagen, protein, marrow, gelatin, glucosamine, and chondroitin


NOTE: Garlic is NOT bad for dogs and cats!

This recipe does contain garlic, and NO, garlic is NOT bad for dogs (in therapeutic amounts) – it’s actually very good in the right quantities and appropriate serving sizes.

This bone broth recipe is easy to make and requires minimal preparation and little attention during cooking. Once it starts to cook, it has an intensely "meaty" smell - it's not bad, but it is intense.

Prep Time15 minutes Cook Time1 day Total Time 1 day 15 minutes


  • 2 Tbsp olive oil

  • 1 pound beef marrow bones

  • 2 raw pigs feet

  • 2 raw turkey feet

  • 4 cloves garlic

  • 4 sticks celery

  • 3 large carrots

  • 1 Cup broccoli florets

  • 1/2 cup parsley

  • 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar, preferably organic, with the mother

  • Water, enough to cover the bones by up to two inches


  1. There's very little preparation involved for bone broth. Just chop all the vegetables and herbs and throw them in the slow cooker. Next add your bones.

  2. Boil the kettle and, once boiled, pour the water into the slow cooker, preferably covering the bones by about two inches. Then add the apple cider vinegar.

  3. Simmer on the low setting in your slow cooker for at least 12 hours, preferably 24, and up to 72 hours. Just remember to top up the water and don't let the pot get too dry.

  4. Once finished, remove all the bones from the broth - remember that all the connective tissue from the pig's feet and turkey feet will have broken down, and so you'll need to be extra diligent to remove all the small bones.

  5. Once cooled, your bone broth can stay in the fridge for up to three days. You can portion it in ice cube trays and store in the freezer for up to a year, or can it. Notes Here are a few things important things to remember about bone broth for dogs:

  • Bone broth is not a replacement for bone or bone meal in a raw diet

  • You absolutely do not need to throw away the meat, fat, and little bits of vegetables – your dog will love it all the more if you leave this in. Just make sure you get all the bone out

  • Bone broth is absolutely fine if it doesn’t gel. Don’t throw away the broth just because it hasn’t gelled

  • Using a variety of bones makes the best broth, rich in collagen, protein, marrow, gelatin, glucosamine, and chondroitin. If your dog has sensitivities to particular proteins, just switch them out for others your dog can tolerate. - We do not recommend chicken, even in this use - if your dog cannot eat turkey, or beef, or pork, substitute for bones from animals he can eat without issue. But, always use a variety of bones, including those with joints.

Extra tips for Bone Broth for Dogs

1. Make Pupsicle Treats

Bone broth is a great year-round dietary supplement for your dog. But as an extra summer treat, give bone broth pupsicles. Your pup will love a bone broth pupsicle, and it helps cool them down.

2. General feeding

If your dog has been unwell, is recovering from surgery, or is elderly or weak, feeding a spoonful, or a defrosted ice cube of broth along with their evening meal every day or every other day for at least a week or for the duration of their illness is a smart option.

For general support, feed broth three times a week.

3. Mixing Up the Bones

Experiment. You don’t have to always use beef and pig’s feet. You can use lamb, goose, duck, turkey, venison, or whatever your preference.

And you aren’t limited to joint bones and feet, either. You can also use necks, shoulder, bird carcasses, or anything else with lots of connective tissue or marrow.

5. Garlic is Safe for dogs

Despite some of the fearmongering you will see online, garlic is actually very good for dogs, in small quantities. For garlic to be toxic, your dog has to consume a huge amount.

- recommended daily serving sizes are:

  • 10 to 15 pounds — 1/2 clove

  • 20 to 40 pounds — 1 clove

  • 45 to 70 pounds — 2 cloves

  • 75 to 90 pounds — 2.5 cloves

  • 100+ pounds — 3 cloves

As you can see, even the recommended daily intake is pretty big. So to cause even mild gastrointestinal upsets, a lot of garlic would need to be consumed. Remember, garlic has a number of health benefits for dogs, including as a digestive aid, coat conditioner, and general immune booster. It’s also a great form of natural parasite control (tick prevention and deworming)

Our dogs are happy, healthy, and free of parasites. Don’t let a bad, outdated study that’s been discredited over and over again (and probably had more than a little something to do with the profiteering of the big veterinary pharma companies) put you off this tried and true natural supplement. Many of the big pet brands even sell garlic supplements for dogs.

Need Supplies?

Crock Pot https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00942VIOM?ref=exp_bigrocklabradoodles_dp_vv_d

Bone Saw (smaller or cut up bones work best) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B000T3OV1C?ref=exp_bigrocklabradoodles_dp_vv_d

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