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Puppy Kits

Puppy Kits Provide Everything Needed For Your Australian Labradoodle or Goldendoodle Puppy | USA | Canada

Four tiny paws and a cute little nose, you’re going to love spending time with your new Wonderful Woofie as he or she grows. Welcoming home your furry little family member is an exciting time that will be filled with lots of laughter, love and a few pet owner lessons for you! From first beds and teething toys to puppy pads and collars, we know what you need to start your puppy outright. If there’s one thing we know best, its canine companions. Big Rock is here to help you get the things you need and even supply a few tips along the way.

Spend more time snuggling and less time shopping by allowing us to put together all the must need supplies for your new

puppy.  We include all the essentials from crates to beds and toys and treats as well as a box of the food they are on when they go home.  Everything you need and nothing you don't in order to bring home baby!  



















What Does a Puppy Kit Cost?

The cost varies slightly from litter to litter and what we are able to get at the time.  We do know where to shop though, to get good deals on the best quality products, and we know the best products to purchase so that you don't wind up wasting your money in the end.  

Generally, puppy kits come in between $710-730 for all the products and this does include a $50 service fee, for sourcing everything and putting it all together for you.  

We have heard back from families who have and who have not opted to go with a puppy kit from us.  The ones who have purchased a kit were so happy that they did and those that didn't have told us that they wish they had, because they wound up spending close to double trying to do it themselves, plus wound up buying toys that were not tough enough, collars in the wrong size, etc.

This is a service that we are happy to provide, you just need to let us know if you would like to take advantage of it, or not.

What is all included:

Full-sized wire crate with divider and pad (to see your Wonderful Woofie from puppy size through to adulthood)

Vehicle Restraint Harness (Kurgo Brand)

Poochie Bells (for housebreaking)

Poop Bags and holder

5-8 Labradoodle-appropriate, high-quality, tough toys

Enzyme Cleaner (for accident clean-up)

Grooming Supplies (including shampoo, conditioner, leave-in spray, and appropriate combs/brushes/de-matters)

Food and water dishes

RAW food (10 lbs of a complete meal)

RAW treats/bones

Appropriate dry treats 

All items are of the highest quality and curated specifically for our pup's play style and chewing strength.  We do acquire a volume discount when we order from our supplier, and we do pass these savings on to you.

Your puppy also comes home with our monogrammed Puppy Bag, our gift to you, which contains a leash, collar, rope toy, Kong, Squeaker Ball, and a hoof.

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