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Alicia Byron Hall

Puppies Name: Hugo

Alana is friendly, knowledgeable and available for questions anytime during the lifelong process of owning one of her dogs. Her puppies are well socialized and beautiful. We have a puppy from the designer litter – Hugo. He is awesome. His temperament and demeanor outweigh the notion of owning any other dog. Eventually we would like to add a friend for Hugo from a different litter. We highly recommend a Big Rock Labradoodle pup for your family.

PS – She’s also is a kick ass groomer. We will drive the 3 hours to get him groomed by her! Best dogs ever- it’s a forever family member and Alana @ Big Rock does it right!

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About Us

When your pup comes from Big Rock Labradoodles, you're choosing a breeder who values ethics, health, and the well-being of every furry bundle we bring into the world. Get to know us and see why a pup from us means you're choosing a lifetime of love and quality care.

Our Code of Ethics

We aim to maintain the highest standards, blending science, top-tier veterinary care, and a whole lot of love to raise healthy, well-socialized pups. Learn more.

Health Testing

We consider our dogs as family members. That's why we put in time and effort to make sure your new furry family member stays healthy in the long term. Learn more.

Enrichment & Socialization

From diverse environments to new faces, we carefully introduce puppies to the world, ensuring they grow into sociable and confident companions. Learn more.

Our Holistic Approach to Neutering

Our neutering policy prioritizes puppy health and is based on extensive research — balancing the benefits of mature neutering. Learn more.

Big Rock Labradoodles

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