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Big Rock Labradoodles Provide Socialization During Critical Learning Periods For Doodle Pups | New York | Winnipeg | Vancouver

We have been following the program of socialization developed by Avidog for some time now and we are also now adding in the Puppy Culture program to ensure that we are producing the absolute best dogs for our families.


Did you know that puppies go through critical learning periods, just as human babies do?

It is our responsibility, as a breeder of our Wonderful Woofies, to make the most of these critical growth phases and introduce our pups to as many new and different sights, sounds, smells and situations as possible.

Both Avidog and Puppy Culture also advocate the Bio Sensor Program, which you can find explained on another page.  “Bringing Home Baby” from Big Rock Labradoodles allows you to feel assured that when your puppy finally comes home, he or she will have a great foundation of socialization!

Because our pups are whelped in our home as part of our family, they are automatically introduced to a variety of experiences.  From children to adults, male and females, wearing hats and carrying bats, the pups will have been well exposed to everyday situations.  In addition, the pups will have knowledge of other animals and different types of floor surfaces and what it feels like to ride in the car.  They will be exposed to all the normal household noises both inside and outside the home (I apologize in advance if they want to play with the vacuum cleaner and you can’t get your chores done!).

All of this all works to ensure you are bringing home the best possible, most well balanced Wonderful Woofie available anywhere!

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