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Visitation Policy

The Big Rock Labradoodles Visitation Policy for Puppies | Okotoks, Canada | USA


We often have people asking about coming to visit our facility to meet our breeding dogs and puppies.  This is what I would want to do if I were buying a new puppy... a new family member. However; there are many things to consider, as a breeder, that many people don't realize.


Young puppies are very vulnerable and at-risk to fall ill, which can lead to serious illness and even death.  Viruses can (unwittingly) come in on a visitor's clothing and shoes.   Pups can become chilled, overstimulated and moms can become stressed.  The dangers of exposing young puppies to these things are very serious and can be detrimental to a breeding program and the welfare of our dogs. 

Because the health and well being of our pups and dogs are our ultimate concern here at Big Rock Labradoodles, we do not allow visitors in person to visit our dogs and puppies.  Six-week visitations are done virtually at a scheduled time through live video chat.  This has been working very well, and actually better than when we used to do in-person visitations.  With the virtual visitations, we schedule it for a time when the pups will all be awake.  Also, you get to hear everyone's questions and the answers, and often they raise questions that you may never have thought of, so, in that way, it's proving to be a very valuable tool!  Also, you can watch the visit over and over again!

Along with the weekly updates full of information about the stage the pups are at, there are the weekly photo updates and casual videos.  You will have many opportunities to see the pups in the litter that you have a reservation on and when the wait is finally over, and pups are 8-9 weeks of age, we will get the great pleasure of handing you a beautiful, healthy puppy.

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