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Big Rock Labradoodles: Meet Your Perfect Older Companions!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey with a furry friend? At Big Rock Labradoodles, we're thrilled to introduce you to a fantastic selection of perfect older companions eagerly awaiting their forever homes. These amazing pups, aged 4 to 6 months, offer numerous benefits and an unbeatable opportunity for those in search of a new furry family member. Get ready to meet your ideal companion from one of our four fabulous litters: Famous Landmarks, Hands of Time, Rappers, and Gilmore Girls.

Why Choose an Older Puppy?

There's something extraordinary about bringing an older puppy into your life. At Big Rock Labradoodles, we've made sure these puppies are fully prepared to seamlessly transition into your home. Here's why choosing an older pup is a brilliant decision:

1. Temperament Tested and Matched: We know how essential it is for your puppy's personality and drives to match your family's lifestyle. That's why all our older puppies have undergone rigorous temperament testing, ensuring they're perfectly matched to your unique needs and preferences.

2. Already Trained: Our puppies are ahead of the game! They're kennel trained, sleep through the night, and have a head start on housebreaking due to our potty crate system training. Housebreaking will be a breeze with these smart and well-behaved companions.

3. Four Photo Galleries: To make your choice even more exciting, we've organised our available older puppies into four distinct photo galleries. You can view these adorable candidates from the Famous Landmarks, Hands of Time, Rappers, and Gilmore Girls litters, in descending order of age.

Famous Landmarks - Big Rock North

Hands of Time - Big Rock Labradoodles

Rappers - Big Rock Labradoodles

Gilmore Girls - Big Rock North

Meet the Upcoming Stars: Yellowstone and Good Old Toys

The excitement doesn't stop with our current older puppies. Just in time for Christmas, our Yellowstone litter will be ready to bring joy into your home. And shortly after the New Year, you can welcome our Good Old Toys litter, providing a fantastic start to 2023 with their boundless energy and love.

Experience the Big Rock Difference

At Big Rock Labradoodles, we've been nurturing and caring for our puppies with over 12 years of experience. Our unwavering commitment to our dogs and their offspring sets us apart. Here's what you can expect:

1. Exceptional Socialisation: Our puppies undergo a comprehensive socialisation program, ensuring they are confident and ready to embrace the world when they leave us.

2. Comprehensive Puppy Package: We provide every family with a treasure trove of information on how to care for their new puppy, from the first moments at home to their ongoing needs.

3. Ongoing Support: Our private Facebook group is a wonderful space for our Big Rock families to connect, ask questions, share stories, and seek referrals. As well, we're here for you, providing a lifetime of support as your puppy grows and thrives.

4. Breeding Excellence: Big Rock Labradoodles has always specialised in breeding standard-sized Australian Labradoodles, bred for Service, Therapy, and Family Companion temperaments. All our breeding stock undergoes thorough health testing, and they each have their own therapy temperament.

Guardian Family Opportunities

If you've ever considered being a guardian family, now's your chance! We have two fantastic opportunities available at our South location (High River). We're seeking immediate placements for a one-year-old female and a five-month-old male, offering you a unique way to become a part of the Big Rock Labradoodles family.

Tonnie is a loving and very friendly dog who interacts really well with people and other dogs. Her recall is improving and she responds well when off leash but not always immediately. Her sit/stay works well when waiting for food. She is intelligent and communicative and although she can be assertive when she wants attention , she does this in a non-aggressive way.

Tonnie has always been so very sweet and loving. Her whole litter was so awesome, with their extra labiness (mom was a multi-gen Australian Labradoodle and dad is our Labrador Retriever, Gunner). Tonnie sheds very minimally and does not have the thick, luscious coat of a multi-gen, as her dad is a Lab. Her coat is actually fairly easy to maintain but she does look much nicer cut closer to the skin.

She is just over one year old (August 21, 2022), she is fully grown at 50 lbs, fully vaccinated, fully housebroken, crate trained (not really in a crate anymore), and has so much love to offer!!! If you have wanted to join our Guardian Program and would LOVE to skip the puppy stage....Tonnie is a perfect opportunity for you!

Please contact me today to start the process of adding this fabulous girl to your home. Just look at her gorgeous, soulful eyes!!!

We are contemplating keeping this delightful big hunk for our breeding program. ...if the right Guardian Family should come along....

Breitling is a BIG, calm, chill, sweet, loving boy. He just takes life in stride. We expect that he will be 90 lbs.

He has been on a leash, in the car, gone into stores...he's hit wherever he goes! He is kennel trained and sleeps though the night, fully vaccinated and he will housebreak very quickly. He just loves to be wherever his people are.

This guy....he is really going to be someone's absolute best friend! Don't miss this taking advantage of one of these golden opportunities to add a loving, older puppy to your life. Visit our website at []( to explore all the adorable options we have for you, and get in touch with us. Your next furry family member is waiting, and they can't wait to become a part of your life!

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