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Puppy Development of Bones and Joints

This is what everyone should see.

When you receive your puppies at the age of 8/9 weeks, keep these photos in mind. Can you see how far apart their bones are? There is no sign of contact. All puppies, of any breed, have big flexible legs and wobbling movements, their joints are fully composed of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, covered with skin. Bones can only look after each other properly if they have a real nest - i.e. formed connection. And to protect the puppy's bones from distortion, nature has made it so that puppies sit and sleep a lot.

Any long or high leap, or active play or bouncing, causes strokes between the bones. Playing or moving within reasonable limits is not problematic and is normal wear and tear of the joints for every animal, but if you exaggerate it, or don't restrict the puppies in their movement, you prevent them from growing normally.

Please note that if you let your puppy jump up and down, or run up stairs, or jump out of bed, or take him on long, debilitating walks / running / walking, you can damage these forming joints. When you let your puppy slide over tiles or laminate or linoleum, you can cause joint damage again.

A minor violation in the formation of a joint is enough to change them for a lifetime. Remember that a well-built body stems not only from excellent nutrition and maintenance, but also from good parenting.

After the puppy grows up and becomes a junior, you have plenty of time to spend playing active games with him and doing more complex exercises. So keep calm and patient while four legged children are still little puppies.

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