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Speciality Doodle Groomer Available Now Through Big Rock Labradoodles and Big Rock Doodle Spot!

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Did you know that we now offer expert grooming services? Who better to groom your Doodle, than the Doodle Experts at Big Rock Doodle Spot! We welcome all sizes and breeds of Doodles, but only Doodles! We offer a complete luxury grooming experience for your pampered pooch!

Each of our services is one on one. We do not have a room full of dogs in cages waiting for their turn, or in some stage of drying. When your Dood is here, all attention is on them, from start to finish. We allow our 4-legged clients a mid-groom potty break. We use only professional grade products. All our Doods go home in one of our custom bandannas and wearing our signature fragrance! Most importantly, our clients go home relaxed, happy and stress free, both our four-legged AND our two-legged clients!

Here are just a few of our gorgeous clients!

We are located just 10 minutes South of Okotoks. That may be a bit of a drive for some, but ask our happy clients...they'll tell you that we are worth the drive!

Contact Tara at today! Or, you can check out her Facebook Page

We are still accepting new clients!!

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