Time to Talk "Doodles" - Ethical Breeder Speaks Out on this and Good Breeding Practices

Alana Holst, Big Rock Labradoodles August 2, 2022

A Doodle here, a Doodle there, Doodles Doodles everywhere....but which is which and why are there so many out there?

The Labradoodle first came onto the scene back in 1989 when Wally Conron attempted to create a non-shedding service dog for a blind woman who's husband was allergic to dogs. Despite Conron's later concern that he had "opened a Pandora's Box and released a Frankenstein's Monster", a quote very often taken out of context, the popularity and demand for Labradoodles was instant. To Conron's dismay, and still to this day, the dismay of every ethical breeder of well-bred Australian and American Labradoodles, the Labradoodle's rise to popularity brought out the worst in people who were looking to cash in and make a quick buck. Unlike Conron, these 'pop-up' breeders were not in it to breed dogs with only the very best in temperament, structure and lack of disease in their lines, they were in it for the fast money. THAT is why Conron made the statements he did in regard to a Frankenstein's Monster. No good breeder wants to see dogs, of any breed, being created left and right by people not in for the right reasons!