• Alana Holst

We have Puppies Available Again!

We have puppies available again at both our locations.

First Option:

We still have 5 older puppies available. One from Scarface Litter (Artemis x Brody) and 4 from Wicked the Musical Litter (Rosie x Charlie). The Scarface puppy is Alejandro, black, 70ish lbs at maturity, currently 4 months old. The Wicked pups are currently 3+ months-old, three boys and one girl. Will be about 50 lbs. Caramels and chocolates.

Second Option:

We have 7 openings in our Bourbon Litter (Mugsy x Charlie) for red puppies 40-50 lbs. The home date is June 18th

Third Option:

We have 6 openings in our Golf Courses Litter (Flora x Stirling) for chocolate or caramel pups that will be 45-60 lbs Home date is June 25th and this litter is up in Beaumont.

Fourth Option:

We have 8 openings in our Cows Litter (Harper Lee x Nabob) for chocolates and caramels who will be 65-75 lbs. The home date is June 26th.

Please contact either alanathebreeder@gmail.com or andreathebreeder@gmail.com for more information!



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