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Hi there.  Thank you for coming to see our Current Litters.  This page is a great opportunity to see our litters grow and give you an idea of what to expect once you place your reservation with us.  We would ask though that before you contact us, you visit our Adoption Process page so that you understand how we allocate puppies and what the adoption fee is.  When you are ready to move forward, we invite you to contact us with questions or to fill out our Adoption Application Form.

These puppies are all spoken for.

We are now accepting applications for early 2022 litters.

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Kentucky Derby Past Winners


Mugsy and Brody welcomed their litter of 7 on January 8th.   Home day will be March 5th


My heart be still!  These two are going to have big, red, gorgeous babies!  While we will not get parti pups here, we will get nice markings!  I cannot wait to see these puppies!

These are both such wonderful dogs.  Both are so sweet, happy-go-lucky, and devoted to their families.  This will be another wonderful litter of Big Rock Wonderful Woofies!

These puppies are all spoken for

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Luck O' the Irish


Lady and Stirling welcomed their litter of 6 healthy pups on Friday, February 19th - Home Day April17th.

Not another one!  This is another retirement litter, this time for our Lovely Lady.  I feel like her momma, Rosie, just retired.  I love all our dogs so much and I really miss them when they retire!  This litter produced 6 standard pups (50-65 lbs) in colours of gold and black. One female and 5 males. 

These are wonderful dogs.  Both are so sweet and devoted to their families and Lady is such a good mommy.  This will be another wonderful litter of Big Rock Wonderful Woofies!

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Guardian Dog Opportunities

We will be seeking guardian families for girls going home starting in 2021 and onward.  Please apply today.

If you have never heard of a Guardian Program, please read about the opportunity here and Apply today!


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