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Hi there.  Thank you for coming to see our Current Litters.  This page is a great opportunity to see our litters grow and give you an idea of what to expect once you place your reservation with us.  We would ask though that before you contact us, you visit our Adoption Process page so that you understand how we allocate puppies and what the adoption fee is.  When you are ready to move forward, we invite you to contact us with questions or to fill out our Adoption Application Form.

We are currently sold out on all litters for 2020.  We are now accepting applications for 2021 litters.  Check out our upcoming litters

Literary Fiction Greats


 Emerald and Apollo welcomed their pups on October 21st, home December 19th 2020, Just in Time for Christmas!

This litter is spoken for

These two dogs are so lovely.  They are both so happy and easy-going (happy-go-lucky).  They are affectionate, calm, intuitive, lovely family dogs and they are very well matched to each other.  These babies will be beauties with wavy to loosely curling fleece and will all be chocolate. Puppies will mature to 60-70+ lbs.  This is a repeat breeding.  These two are the proud parents of our Dr. Seuss litter.  Our own Fizza Ma Wizza Ma Dill is a darling girl!

Money Heist


Aria and Sherman welcomed their litter of 10 on October 25th.  Home day is set for Boxing Day!!

This litter is spoken for

What a wonderful family gift for Christmas!

These two joy-filled, thinking like a lap dog, therapy temperament, calm, wonderful dogs are so well matched for temperament and structure and these babies will be beauties with wavy to loosely curling fleece coats in colors of cream, black, chocolate and caramel. Puppies will mature to 65+ lbs.  This is a repeat breeding.  These two are the parents of our own beautiful Hera.  Anyone who has met Hera can attest to what fabulous, calm, confident, easy-going pups these two produce.

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Ivy League


This litter is spoken for

Violet and Louie welcomed 8 puppies on Hallowe'en.  Home day is Saturday, December 26th.

What a wonderful family gift for Christmas!

I am very excited to be breeding this daughter of our sweetest Immortal Juno to this seasoned fellow, Louie.  This is a crossing of two excellent lines and pups will be small standards (55-65 lbs) with lovely builds.  Pups will all be chocolate, caramel, black and cream.  Chocolates and blacks will fade to lavender/silver in time.

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Lorina and Prairie's Reggie welcomed 6 adorables on November 12th.  The home day is January 8th.

Well, it's official.  Lorina is too small for our boys!  We just do not have the right fella for her here at Big Rock, so we are going to partner up with a fella from a fellow breeder.  Prairie's The Captain, 'Reggie' is a medium, 19" tall and 35 pounds, which is the same size as our Lorina, so we are officially having a litter of littles!  Pups will be a rainbow of colours (black, chocolate, caramel-reds and Apricot/Creams with markings, and/or possible parti coats.

This handsome guy is said to be an amazing family dog, and now that I've met him, I know he's got the same sort of temperament as Lorina.  So sweet, friendly, and easy-going!   Lorina is a very sweet, affectionate, and calm girl who adores her family.  These are going to be some adorable and wonderful little dogs!

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Guardian Dog Opportunities

We will be seeking guardian families for girls going home starting the middle of November and onward.  Please apply today.

If you have never heard of a Guardian Program, please read about the opportunity here and Apply today!


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