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We are now accepting applications for early 2022 litters, for dogs 45 lbs and up.

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Hi there.  Thank you for coming to see our Current Litters.  This page is a great opportunity to see our litters grow and give you an idea of what to expect once you place your reservation with us.  We would ask though that before you contact us, you visit our Adoption Process page so that you understand how we allocate puppies and what the adoption fee is.  When you are ready to move forward, we invite you to contact us with questions or to fill out our Adoption Application Form.



Gem and Apollo welcomed 8 puppies on March 24th!  Home day will be May 22nd.

This litter is fully reserved.

                                                                                                                 This litter is up at Big Rock North, in Beaumont, AB


Gem is such a treat.  We love having her around.  She is a really good momma. Both dogs have a therapy temperament and are both calm and affectionate family dogs. Apollo is a nice, solid Dood.  He's a beautiful dog.  This pair will produce standard pups (55-75 lbs) all in either Red or Caramel-Red.  Expect wavy to curly fleece coats.

Game of Thrones


Rhaegal x Mercury welcomed 6 pups on March 30th.  Home date will be May 29th


New in town, Rheagal and Mercury with their therapy temperaments are sure to produce an outstanding, large standard litter (65-80 lbs) of caramels with flowing fleece coats!  These dogs are so lovely in every way with such nice stocky builds. Very excited to see how big these guys get!

Go With the Flow - Large Rivers


Mingo and Grizz welcomed 11 puppies on April 10th!  Pups will go home June 5th.


These two are hardly strangers in the night, as they are the parents of our Say Cheese gang.  Those lil' cheese curds were so lovely, we are going to do it all over again!   These pups will be solid standards (50-65 lbs) in either black or chocolate with wavy to curly fleece coats.   These are such lovely dogs in every way.  Both friendly, confident, outgoing, happy devoted family dogs with therapy temperaments.  

Scrub a Dub Dub


Maple and Apollo welcomed their litter of 11 bars of soap on April 19th.  The home day will be Monday, June 14, 2021.


Maple and Apollo are very delightful dogs.  Very human-connected and devoted family dogs.  Another litter of half black, half chocolate with markings and this time some parti for sure, only these guys will be more like 55-70 lbs.  

Big Rock North's  Marvel Comics


Leia and Charlie welcomed 10 healthy, dark red pups on April 26th!  Home day will be end of June.

This litter will be in Beaumont, AB at Big Rock North.


Hope you like kisses!  :)  These two are so happy-go-lucky and uber affectionate.  Both are more compact, yet solid dogs and both live in families with young children.  No doubt this will be another stunning litter of wonderful woofies!  Pups will be caramel to red, some with liver noses, and some with black noses.  Expecting these pups to grow to 40-50 lbs.

Guardian Dog Opportunities

We will be seeking guardian families for girls going home starting in 2021 and onward.  Please apply today.

If you have never heard of a Guardian Program, please read about the opportunity here and Apply today!